Peace Portal Uganda is the result of love, passion and a servant’s heart. It is the partnership of two churches, from different sides of the world, coming together. Both Peace Portal Community Church (Uganda) and Peace Portal Alliance Church (Canada) share the common interest of ministering to the poverty stricken nation of Uganda.

historyIt is the story of an Ugandan pastor named Michael Masembe with a holistic vision of how to help his community, through education and investing in the next generation.

Pastor Michael Masembe’s work with Childcare Worldwide brought him to the west coast of Canada for meetings. On that trip Michael billeted with a family from Peace Portal Alliance Church, with whom he attended Sunday service with. Upon Pastor Michael Masembe’s visit to Peace Portal Alliance Church in 2003, Michaels vision was cast for strategic and God breathed ministry to the community of Mpigi. Peace Portal Alliance discerned it was one was God’s leading to enter into a partnership and thus Peace Portal Uganda was born.

In 2004, the 10-acre property was purchased in the sub district of Zimungwe and soon after in 2005 development began on both first childrens home (Kukiriza House) and the church building.

Furthermore, recognizing the strategic location and overwhelming need, Peace Portal Uganda planted another church in the heart of Mpigi town. And while only a short 10-minute boda-boda ride away from its sister church on Zimungewe hill, Peace Portal Community Church Mpigi ministers to nearly an entire different demographic.

It was in 2006 that the first children arrived in Kukiriza House under the care of Momma Rose and it was also that same year that the first team trip arrived from Peace Portal Alliance Church and fell in love with the community and what God was doing in the midst. Since that time much has happened on the 10 acre property; two more children’s homes were built to accommodate an influx of 54 children, sustainable food and water options have been started, a well has been built for the community and the church has planted several smaller campuses. To this date there is still much to do, but it is through partnership and discernment from God that we move forward.