Our Staff

The staff at Peace Portal Uganda are among the hardest working, godly men and womens. Momma Rose, Paige and Sophie have dedicated their lives since the projects inception to caring for our children and living in the children’s homes. Auntie Norah and Auntie Harriet help every day with chores, medical appointments and education, and Momma Gertrude cooks 3 wonderful meals a day for all the children and staff. With Amos taking care of the property and nightly patrols and Mulumba overseeing the project, our children are surrounded by strong and godly role models.

Momma Rose

Momma Rose
(Suubi House)

Momma Paige

Momma Paige
(Kwagala House)

Momma Sophie

Momma Sophie
(Kukiriza House)

Momma Gertrude

Momma Getrude
(Cook and Support)

Aunt Nora

Momma Agnus Nora
(Health Care and Support)

Aunt Harriet

Auntie Harriet
(School care and Support)


Mulumba Mukalazi


Amos & Joyce


Pastor Geoffry & Rose
(Zimungwe Church)


Pastor Nelson
(Mpigi Church)


Pastor Michael
and Juliet Masembe