Peace Portal Community Church

church_copy_0.jpgPeace Portal Community Church is one church body that consists of three congregations and is the foundation for all of the ministries that take place on the 10-acre site and the surrounding community. Through the leadership of Pastor Geoffrey, Pastor Nelson and Pastor Michael the church is to seeking to meet not only the physical, but also the emotional and spiritual needs in the areas that these two congregations encompass.

Strategically located, the Mpigi church congregation is in the midst of daily life in the town center. Under the leadership of Pastor Nelson they are dynamically involved in house church meetings, prison visitations, hospital care as well as care and compassion visits.

Zimungwe campus is located on the 10-acre property. Under the leadership of Pastor Geoffry this church is not only available to our staff and children but also the local rural community. Zimungwe is alive both day and night with ministries ranging from care and compassion visits to many late night prayer vigils.