"Traveling to Uganda was an amazing experience that has continued to change me since coming back to Canada. I got to experience first hand what God is doing on the ten acres and in the surrounding community. Upon reflecting on what God had showed me during the trip, 1 Corinthians 13:13 came to mind. Ultimately, I was shown that true wealth is not about having material possessions, it is about having "faith, hope and love." I saw tremendous faith and hope coming from the people that I met in Uganda. Even though they were placed in difficult situations, they kept their faith in God and had hope that He would get them through it. Above all, though, I was shown what true love is all about - accepting the unconditional love that God has towards that, and loving others in the same way."

- Karlene Dowhaniuk

"This past summer I had the chance to go to Uganda. It was a life changing experience and I am so thrilled I took the opportunity. God has taught me and is continuing to teach me so many lessons from the experiences I had there and a day never goes by where I don't think about it. In the beautiful country I saw and experienced God's love in such a real way. I was overwhelmed by the extraordinary love these people have for both each other as well as the love they showed me. I felt a continuous presence of God's love around me as well as experienced God's love shining though me towards the children, families, and friends I met. Another thing God showed me on this trip is the amazing faith, trust and confidence his people have in Him. I was in awe and inspired by the way they live their lives with the sole purpose of following the Lord, with Jesus as truly the centre of their lives. It was incredible to see the true hope many hold onto, despite all the struggles, challenges, and pain they may be going through. 
I feel so blessed and thankful that the Lord opened the doors for me serve in that beautiful country with an amazing group of people!”"

- Nicole

"This summer I had the amazing opportunity to go to Uganda. I have seen first hand, families who struggle with poverty, and I was able to sit with them in their home, and talk to them about God's love and mercy. God taught me something big on this trip; he showed me what love really is. It's being grateful for what you have, and not complaining, cause the situation can always be worse, it’s being joyful in the midst of pain and suffering. I witnessed it first hand. I saw how these kids love Jesus with all their heart and how Jesus is the center of their life. They don’t consume themselves with stuff that doesn’t matter, they consume their lives with Jesus. It’s what I am trying to do, without all the distractions. Whole-heartedly having Jesus be the center. I know now what this looks like, and I’m ready to put what I have learned into action at home. One of my highlights was worshiping every night with the kids and receiving 61 hugs before bed. It was a privilege to serve and encounter the days with an amazing group of people, and I wouldn't change it for the world. Thank you so much for all the support and prayers. 
I feel so blessed and thankful for God opening the doors for me to go on this trip."

- Maddie

"One story sums up my trip to Uganda. About halfway through the trip, I was playing with an eleven year old girl named Cissy. She was the most incredible girl, so full of life. She made me smile every time I saw her. 

The kids loved to wash our flip flops. And it was a complete honour for us every time they did. So I was on the field with a few others from the team and Cissy. Out of nowhere, she took our shoes and went to wash them. I followed her, wanting to keep her company. She scrubbed and scrubbed until the shoes were spotless and then laid them out on the grass to dry. I went to go put my shoes on, asking her if it was okay. I felt kind of bad because my feet were disgusting and she had just washed my shoes. She looked me, took my feet and stuck them in the tub. She then proceeded scrubbed my feet. At first, I was very confused and rather shocked. But then, it all sank in. Here was this girl, this God-loving amazing girl and she was washing my feet! In the bible, Jesus washed his disciples feet. Jesus, sinless and perfect in every way, got down on his knees and did something the disciples honestly didn't deserve. And that's grace isn't it? Undeserved love. That's what I experienced from Cissy. I did not deserve to have clean feet. And yet, they were clean because of her. 

That's one of the things I learned over there. Those kids give out love in a way we don't understand. Their love is so unconditional and true. We need a lot more of that over here. Doesn't the bible say "and now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love"?”"

- Jackie

"One of the ways God changed my life through the trip is he has shown me and given me so much more of a passion to not only serve but serve relationally. It is easy to throw money at a charity or donate time to a faceless cause, but it is so much more effective, meaningful, and satisfying to not only serve someone but to go the length of getting to know the person you are serving, and to be in fellowship with them, to know their name, their personality, and to know their situation. We were talking to a man named Peter who was shocked that some people in Canada don't know all or any of their neighbors. He said in Uganda their is a saying that if your neighbors house catches on fire, the embers will fly over to your house and catch it on fire. So if your neighbour's house catches on fire you bring your water to help put out the fire. He said the saying means it is your duty as a neighbor to know your neighbor, know their situation, and pretty much know everything about them. And when they face struggles help them. As Christians, when we are being neighbors to other people, I believe it's the same. Not only should you help them by its your responsibility to get to know them. That way it will help change them, change you, create a bigger impact of your service, and create lasting fellowship.”"

- Jordan

"The people I have met in Uganda have shown me what it truly means to be a Christian. COMPASSION is suffering with the person in pain, LOVE is taking care of other children when you can barely feed your own, and JOY is a child laughing while playing tag in the rain. RESPECT is washing your visitor's shoes and feet, FAITH is worshipping God in church, hands held high, no matter what troubles you may be facing and HOPE is completely trusting that God will provide for the next meal, the next set of school fees and the next medical treatment. The people I have met in Uganda understand what is important, and inspire me every day to live a Christ-like life. Lauren"

- Lauren